Monday, August 09, 2004

Attorney Blawgs - The Indiana Law Blog

The stated focus of The Indiana Law Blog is “on Indiana law, and on developments in law and technology of interest not just to Indiana lawyers.” But anyone who needs to follow 7th Circuit case law should follow this blawg. Attorney Marcia Oddi reports on all 7th Circuit decisions, regardless of the states in which they originated.

My only complaint is the use of the headline “Indiana Decisions” for postings on 7th Circuit cases. While it is true that 7th Cir. decisions are binding precedent in all federal courts within the 7th Cir., and in that sense they are “Indiana Decisions,” they are also binding precedent in federal courts in Wisconsin and Illinois. Use of a headline that appears to limit the scope of a posting to Indiana might cause someone interested in 7th Cir. decisions to skip over that posting.

But choice of headline is a small complaint, considering the value of the information provided. Check it out for yourself.

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