Monday, August 23, 2004

Start Off the New Semester with Some Legal Humor

Looking for a laugh to lighten your load at the start of the semester? Wish you could find the lighter side of the law after an intense summer clerking job? Attorney Robert J. Ambrogi has the perfect solution for you in “Laughing at Lawyers and the Law,” an article from his syndicated column The article describes a variety of Web sites that feature humor with a legal context. Some of the sites are produced by lawyers who poke fun at their profession (“funny lawyers” in Ambrogi’s parlance), while others are produced by nonlawyers. Ambrogi has a whole section on sites featuring lawyer cartoons.

Ambrogi’s conclusion rings true here: “If we cannot laugh at ourselves, someone once wrote, others will be glad to do it for us. On the Web, there is plenty of both—lawyers laughing at themselves and others laughing at lawyers.”

[Thanks to the Univ. of Baltimore Law Library Weblog for the tip.]

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