Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Blog Community - Another Reason to Read and Write Blogs

I have posted before about the advantages of reading and writing blogs, here and here. But I haven't written about the community of bloggers, maybe because I considered that to be "just" an added benefit.

Unlike a listserv, to which large numbers of people post on a wide variety of topics, blogs usually have one or a few contributors who post about a pre-defined topic or topics. When you read a blog, you begin to know the bloggers who post to it. And when you see a post that inspires you to contact the author, you feel comfortable doing it. I have contacted other bloggers about an idea or tip they shared, and I have received email about things I posted to the Law Dawg Blawg.

Some of the bloggers with whom I have communicated are people I probably never would have met otherwise. And that is more than "just" an added benefit. Bloggers share their knowledge and ideas with anyone who wants to read it, and some of them have interests and work similar to yours. You will learn something from reading blogs, and something you share on your blog will help someone else. The blogging community is a valuable resource to have in your professional toolkit.

Last week, as I was laboring to finish a big project and get ready for the beginning of classes this week, I received a telephone call from Matt Homan, the author of the [non]billable hour. He just called to thank us for linking to his blog and to encourage us to keep up what we have started at the Law Dawg Blawg.

Matt could not have called at a better time. Looking ahead at all I have to do over the coming months, I had been wondering if I had the time to continue blogging. After our short conversation I felt re-energized, and I resolved not only to keep the blawg going, but also to find the time to post more often and contribute to the community.

Matt's call also reminded me that I have been remiss in thanking bloggers and others who share what they know and help me to do my job better, including Matt. So I also resolved to let more people know that I appreciate their work. A little late for New Year's resolutions, but there they are.

Thanks for reading our blawg. Are you ready to start a blog of your own?

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