Monday, February 21, 2005

Finding Blawgs on Any Legal Topic

Reading law-related blogs, or blawgs, is a great way to stay up-to-date on legal trends and developments. Blogs tend to be very current, and more and more lawyers, law students and professors are using blawgs to share news and ideas. Here are some websites that will help you find blawgs in your areas of interest:

Law Weblogs—Blawgs: A Pathfinder, by Lynn Lenart, Assistant Law Librarian for Reference Services, University of Akron Law Library, provides a starting point for finding blawgs and basic information about starting a blog. The pathfinder links to a Blog Glossary; lists General Legal Weblogs (Blawgs), Law Student and Law Faculty Blawgs, and Legal Research Blawgs; describes Software to Monitor Blogs (RSS Readers and Aggregators), Blog Search Engines and Blog Directories, and Free Blog Hosting Sites; and includes a short list of Articles about Blawgs.

Blawg, "Your Source for Legal Blogs, Podcasts & News Feeds " was one of the first directories of blawgs. Each entry in the directory includes a short description. Blawg's Blog has entries about blawgs and related topics.

The Legal Alerts and Current Awareness Services page at The Virtual Chase provides descriptions and links to information services that focus on current legal news and other information. The page also links to pages listing government alert services, general alert services, and RSS news feeds for law.

Law Weblogs in the Yahoo! Directory The Yahoo! Directory is a human-created and maintained library of web sites organized into categories and subcategories. Yahoo! editors review these sites for potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them.

Legally Inclined Weblogs is a webring of attorneys, law students, and other legal professionals who maintain weblogs or personal websites.

Once you find a blawg, you can find more like it by following the links in its blogroll and in its postings. You can also search for blawgs using any search engine. Simply add the words "blawg or blog" to your search.

Updated 11/20/2006.

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