Saturday, February 05, 2005

Intellectual Property Blawgs from the Scholarly to the Humorous

One of the reasons for lawyers and law students to read blawgs is to stay current on new developments in their areas of practice. Given the importance of technology in the practice of IP law, and vice versa, it is perhaps not surprising that IP scholars and practitioners have led the way in the use of blawgs for current awareness. Robert J. Ambrogi has a good list of IP Blogs in his September 2004 column, IP Blogs: Pocket Parts for a Digital Age. Keeping with the "pocket parts" theme, two days later Mr. Ambrogi posted An IP blawg I should not have overlooked.

For a less serious approach to Patent Law, you might like the following posts from Robert Ambrogi's LawSites blog: Wacky patents, or the search for a better shovel and Making IP funny, one post at a time.

For more IP blawgs and other web resources, check out the SIU Law Library's Intellectual Property Law Resources pages.

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