Friday, April 01, 2005


Abbie Bradfield Mulvihill chooses a theme each week and posts theme-related links to AbsTracked all week. Themes are generally "related to the topics of law, libraries, reference and fun." For example, this week's theme was bio-ethics. Previous themes have included legislative history and information, criminal information, and Irish links (for the week of St. Patrick's day). Like most blogs, AbsTracked maintains archives, so you can search the site to see if the topic you are researching has been the theme of the week.

Besides themes, AbsTracked has a feed link of the day recommendation, as well as a variety of law-related news items and research tips. I like AbsTracked because Abbie is interested in a large variety of subjects including many that interest me. I frequently learn about a new blog, website, or research tip.

Yesterday there was a research tip about Finding Thomas, the Library of Congress website for free legislative information. The Thomas site has a URL that many people have a hard time remembering — Abbie discovered and shared the fact that Thomas also has a virtual domain. If you key into your browser's address box, you will be linked to I can probably remember that.

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