Friday, April 08, 2005

Congratulations Awards Recipients

Last night the SIU School of Law held its 2005 Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to all students who received awards and scholarships or were otherwise recognized for their work. We have some truly amazing students, and I am proud to have worked with many of you. Also, congratulations to Kristy White, Administrative Secretary, who received a well-deserved staff award from the SBA, and to Mike Ruiz, Director of Admissions, Media, and Community Affairs, who received a special award of recognition for his many contributions to the public interest.

One example of Mike's public service work is the Self Help Legal Center. Mike created the Self Help Legal Center at the Southern Illinois University School of Law to help make the legal or administrative process easier on individuals who do not have legal representation. The Center's website includes Self Help Information and Forms on a number of topics. The Center also coordinates self-help classes on divorce at which individuals can receive help in completing forms and ask questions about filing, court procedure, and hearings.

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