Friday, June 24, 2005

Research Tip: HeinOnline, Secret Resource in the Law Library

Did you know that HeinOnline has law journals, the Federal Register, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, Treaties and Agreements, and U.S. Supreme Court cases online?

Not impressed yet? Here's what's special about HeinOnline.

All of the documents provide exact page images — which means you can view and print exact copies of how the documents looked in print. So you get all the charts, graphs, photos, and other images that online systems frequently leave out. And if you need to see the original document, for a law journal cite check, e.g., a printout from HeinOnline looks like a photocopy from a book or microfiche.

Also, for most publications, HeinOnline provides coverage from the first volume. So if you are looking for a law journal article or a Federal Register issue that pre-dates the coverage on your favorite online system, you can probably find it.

How can you connect to HeinOnline? If you search the library catalog for a title and see

Click on the following to: Connect to Hein-On-Line electronic text

you can click on that link to go directly to the HeinOnline version of the title.

Research Starting Points drop-down menu

From the SIU Law Library home page, use the Research Starting Points drop-down menu to choose HeinOnline. You can find a complete list of electronic resources to which the library subscribes by clicking on Subscription Electronic Resources on the home page. HeinOnline is available to anyone on SIU's Carbondale campus, including SIUC dial-up and VPN.


Okay, it wasn't really a secret. But a lot of people don't know about HeinOnline. Now you do.

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