Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Future Trends in State Courts

The National Center for State Courts annually publishes Future Trends in State Courts, a report "intended to support courts in their strategic planning efforts and stimulate thought and discussion about important current issues in the courts. . . . Each Trends report is comprised of a series of individual articles by experts in the field."

The 2005 report will be published in print in October, but many of its articles are available now on the NCSC website. Among the articles featured are:

• Beyond the Vanishing Trial: A Look at the Composition of State Court Disposition
• Digitization of Library Collections: The Future Is Now
• Elder Abuse and Neglect
• Immigration and Its Impact on the State Courts
• The Future of Court Security and Judicial Safety
• Trends in Appellate Court Technology
• Trends in Identity Theft
• Verification, Validation, and Authentication of Electronic Documents in Courts: How Digital Rights Management Technology Will Change the Way We Work
• Webcasting: It’s Not Just About Oral Arguments Anymore

SOURCE: Barclay Blog

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