Monday, September 26, 2005

Help for Keeping Track of Internet Research

Keeping track of research conducted on the Internet (and useful Internet research sources) has become a challenging task in itself. A recent article in the September 2005 issue of the Texas Bar Journal by Tom Mighell (proprietor of Inter Alia, self-styled as "an Internet legal research weblog, among other things") provides many helpful suggestions and solutions.

In introducing "Taking Control of Your Internet Research: New Tools Help Manage the Chaos," Mighell writes:
Although the bookmarks or favorites features of your Web browser are able
to save and categorize the valuable sites you find, albeit in a somewhat
primitive way, it’s often hard to remember where you filed that site, or that
you filed it at all. Fortunately, we now have several interesting tools that
can help lawyers and other legal professionals make sense of the overwhelming
volume of great information found on the Web. Before you suffer from a bookmark avalanche, check out these solutions

SOURCE: WisBlawg

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