Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PC "Secrets" Vendors Don't Want You to Know

The October 2005 issue of PC World contains an intriguing article for PC users and buyers titled "20 Things They Don't Want You to Know." The provocative tag line says it all:

We reveal some of what vendors are keeping mum, such as: You never have to pay full price, extended warranties rarely pay for themselves, and the big sites do have customer service numbers.
To further whet your appetite, here are the subjects of some of the other "secrets" revealed by author Eric Dahl:

■ Faster Shipping Isn’t Always Faster
■ You Can Save Big Money on Big-Name Software Packages
■ That Dead Pixel on Your LCD May Not Be Covered
■ High-End Manufacturers Don’t Always Make Their Products
■ Game Consoles Are Hackable
■ You Can Get a Human on the Phone
■ MP3 Players Run Down Too Fast

SOURCE: Virtual Chase Alert

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