Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cool New IP Blog

I met so many interesting law bloggers and got so many new ideas at BlawgThink that I hardly know where to start. For example, let me introduce you to a blog that I discovered because of the event last weekend.

Brandy Karl is a happy lawyer with a solo practice in copyright, trademark, business, litigation, and entertainment law. She gave an intro to blogging, which she has made available on her blog.

Her blog is bk! She blogs about a variety of subjects in a style that leaves no doubt about her enthusiasm. She can find IP issues anywhere she goes, and her topic categories range from law practice management to "cool things."

Some recent posts on bk! have included: the Boston Web Innovator's Meetup, comments about overly-enthusiastic IP Policing regarding movies and t-shirts, a "billable hours" watch, and Self-Proclaimed Holidays.

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