Thursday, November 17, 2005

THOMAS Website Improvements

The THOMAS website is one of my favorite sources for legislative history and other Congressional information. Not only does it provide access to a large amount of timely information, via a reasonably user-friendly interface, but it makes that government information available for free.

Now the THOMAS site has been improved, both in appearance and usability. The improvements include:

  • A navigation sidebar that links to major sections of the site from top-level pages;
  • "Breadcrumbs" at the top of most pages show where the displayed page fits in the site's hierarchy;
  • Drop-down menus on the front page allow you to browse bills introduced by Representative or Senator;
  • A link on the front page takes you directly to the "Search Multiple Congresses" page (this functionality was added during the last upgrade, but it was difficult to find);
  • Links to treaties, Senate hearings on Presidential nominations, educational materials, historical information on previous Congresses, and related Library of Congress resources.

Link to the THOMAS website and the full press release.

Source: Search Engine Watch and the ResourceShelf.

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