Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Become an Advanced Internet Searcher

Lee Peoples has written an excellent article about "The Trials and Tribulations of Internet Research" for the November 2005 Oklahoma Bar Journal. He provides a good overview as well as links to other good resources on:

  • assessing the quality of information,
  • advanced internet searching tips,
  • finding information on the "deep web" that search engines don't reach, and
  • using the Internet Archive to find previous versions of websites.

You don't have to be a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association to read this article online. While you are at the OBA website, take a look around at all of the resources for attorneys and members of the public. The Oklahoma Bar Association is to be commended on making so much valuable information freely available.

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Lee Peoples said...

Thanks for the post Diane. The article grew out of presentations I put together this semester on advanced internet searching. I wound up doing several versions: one for law faculty, law students and one as a CLE for law school alumni. A great way to integrate library instruction into many areas around the law school.