Friday, December 02, 2005

Ernie the Attorney and Katrina

Ernie the Attorney has been blogging for a long time about law, technology, and an eclectic mix of other topics. He is a good writer and always has something interesting to say about his subjects.

For the past three months, Ernie has been blogging about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His interest and perspective come from his New Orleans connections. He lives in New Orleans, left the day after the hurricane hit, but returned shortly thereafter. Typically, his posts about Katrina have provided insights rarely seen elsewhere. For example, take a look at two recent entries.

In Mississippi after Katrina – and the limitations of our imagination Ernie writes about the impossibility of comprehending the scope of the devastation left by Katrina, even for someone who has seen as much as he has.

mall Christmas village display Blue roof Christmas village condemned is a follow-up to a previous entry about a shopping mall's Christmas village display, whose designer had the creativity and humor to include details of real life in New Orleans this year. Among the realistic details were little blue roofs, recognizing the Army Corps of Engineers’ Blue Roof program. Many people came to see the display and were charmed. But someone complained, so the mall ordered the special details removed. See Ernie's post for his comments and links to other photos and commentary.

Update: The mall management has reversed itself and asked the designer to reinstall most of the display. Source.

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