Friday, January 20, 2006

Mind Mapping Legal Research

This semester I will be uploading our Lawyering Skills classroom presentations to the Lawyering Skills Legal Research blog in both MindMap and PowerPoint formats. The MindMaps are created with Mindjet MindManager software.

MindMap presentation on Primary Authority

The image above is part of a screen shot of of the presentation on Primary Authority. I like presenting legal research with MindManager, because it makes easier for the students to see the big picture. See Dennis Kennedy's Introduction to Mind Mapping for more.

Update Oct. 11, 2006: I fixed the link to the Lawyering Skills Legal Research blog, and I will be linking to a page with all my legal research mind maps soon.

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David Stubbs said...


I'd like to see more of your legal mindmaps. I used Mindmanager throughout my LLB in the UK as well as during the next stage of my training, the Legal Practice Course. Friends and I have set up a website to share our maps with others. We've got maps on Torts, Constitutional & Administrative law, Trusts, Evidence, Land, Company, and IP (with Crime, Contract and Family soon). We've also set up a space for the Legal Practice Course(LPC), with more practical maps on Business Law & Practice, Property Law & Practice, Civil Litigation and Criminal Litigation, all of which are compulsory subjects for UK LPC students. Later this year we'll add our maps for electives on Corporate Finance, Corporate Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions, E-Commerce and Employment.

We're sharing the maps in both PDF and either .MMP or .MMAP format, depending on which version of Mindmanager they were made in. People are welcome to take what we've done and build on them.

The maps we've made are fairly detailed, and they're best printed on A3 paper in landscape format. In the UK inkjet A3 colour printers run about 200 pounds, they're probably 300-400 in the US.

To see more, go to We would love people to download the maps and use them, and we would be thrilled if people shared back improved and updated versions of our maps.


David Stubbs