Tuesday, February 28, 2006

107 Years and Out--Berghoff's in Chicago Closes Today

Thanks to the Law Librarian Blog for alerting us to a Chicago Tribune 2 1/2 minute flash-based tribute, Berghoff Memories, created by photojournalist Bonnie Trafelet who "recorded the voices and photographed the faces of patrons and employees during the last days of this famed Chicago eatery."

Another Trib article reports that "Herman Berghoff, the 70-year-old grandson of the restaurant's founder, and his wife, Jan Berghoff, 68, are retiring. Herman Berghoff, who's been working at the German-style restaurant since 1952, owns the building at 17 W. Adams St. and will lease it to his daughter Carlyn Berghoff's catering company. She plans to reopen the bar this spring under a slightly different name but convert the elegant dining room to a private banquet hall, thus ending the reign of one of Chicago's oldest and most fattening restaurants."

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