Wednesday, May 17, 2006

SIU Law Journal Student Authors

gold star

Congratulations to the following 2L students whose articles have been chosen for publication in the 2006–07 volume of the Southern Illinois University Law Journal:

Best Comment:

Kristin Beasley, Up Skirt and Other Dirt: Why Cell Phone Cameras and Other Technologies Require a New Approach to Protecting Personal Privacy in Public Places

Others (in no particular order):

Stephanie Lindsay, A Fight to the Last Drop: The Changing Approach to Water Allocation in the Western United States

Matt Hood, When Two Worlds Collide: Problems Surrounding the Business Judgment Rule as a Privilege in Tortious Interference with Contractual Relation Actions In Illinois

Matt Hodge, The 4th Amendment and Privacy Issues on the "New" Internet: and

Natalie Kussart, Reporting Medical Errors: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Justin Chasco, Judge Gonzales? The Attorney General’s Power to Overturn BIA Decisions


Jeremy Tillman, Preventing Paradise from Becoming a Parking Lot: A Legislator's Guide to Preventing One-to-One Transfers by Enacting a Pre-Condemnation Assessment

Erin Doyle, The National Security Agency’s Domestic Spying Program: Necessary to Ensure National Security or Dangerous Assault on Our Civil Liberties and Right to Privacy?

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