Tuesday, August 22, 2006

SIU Law Dog of the Week - Call for Photos

Prof. Houdek and his stuffed Dalmation

At the beginning of last semester, I began posting a weekly dog picture from an SIU School of Law student, professor, staff member, alumnus, or friend here on Law Dawg Blawg. This has been a very popular feature, and we have posted 30 law-dog photos so far. To see photos of all previous Law Dogs of the Week, visit the Gallery of SIU Law Dogs.

With a new school year beginning, I invite you all to send me your dog pictures. Photos must be of your dogs or other dog photos you have taken (e.g., not photos you found on the web). I can also accept your drawings or other pictures that we can digitize for the web. Send them by email or give them to me directly. Although I am willing to post your dog picture without identifying you or your dog by name, I will not accept anonymous submissions.

Each SIU Law Dog whose photo is submitted will be featured—in the order the photos are received. Dogs also get their own "Law Dog of the Week" web pages. Click on any of the thumbnail photos in the Gallery of SIU Law Dogs to see the dog's page. Shown above: Prof. Frank Houdek, director of the SIU Law Library, shows off his new "law dog," Spot.

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