Thursday, November 30, 2006

NYU Publishes New Guide to Foreign & International Citations

The N.Y.U. Journal of International Law and Politics has published the first edition of its Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citation (2006) (PDF-256 pgs). According to the foreword, the Guide is "mainly comprised of foreign and international legal citations relying on the source jurisdiction’s internal citation system rather than an externally imposed standardized form." It is arranged alphabetically by jurisdiction, followed by citation guides for international organizations and related tribunals (e.g., UN, EU, WTO), international and regional tribunals (e.g., ICJ), and treaties.

The authors believe that the Guide will serve multiple purposes:
  • First, the Guide provides persons intending to submit legal materials to a
    foreign jurisdiction or international forum the ability to cite such
    materials according to the jurisdiction’s or forum’s own standards.
  • Second, and perhaps more usefully, the Guide will allow persons
    unfamiliar with foreign and international citation standards (but wanting to
    study or apply foreign or international legal material or using such standards
    in their own work) the ability to understand and interpret the import of such
    standards in that jurisdiction’s or forum’s own terms.
  • Third, on a more prudential level, with this information, scholars, judges,
    and practicing lawyers faced with such standards will be able to more easily
    identify and locate the source from the source jurisdiction according to its
    own, more familiar citation norms.
  • Finally, in achieving these goals, the Guide aims to respect the idiosyncrasies among academic citation traditions among different jurisdictions.

SOURCE: beSpacific

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