Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sombra Is Law Cat of the Week

cat photo

This week's SIU Law Cat is Sombra, who is a true member of the law school family. Here is the story of how Sombra came to live with Laura Cates Duncan, who is secretary to the law library director.

One of our law professors stumbled onto Sombra and one of her siblings while walking his dogs last spring. He rescued the kittens and brought them to one of our library specialists in hopes she would take them home or find homes for them. Not having ANY idea they were being babysat in our technical services area, Laura innocently walked back to speak with someone. She peeked into the large recycling tub and saw this tiny tuxedo kitten with huge eyes looking up at her. She scooped up the kitten and cuddled her. In return, she spontaneously began purring to beat the band. "That was all it took to capture my heart!" (Sombra is Spanish for shade or shadow.)

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