Friday, January 12, 2007

Congratulations to Student Authors

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The following 2L students had their casenotes chosen for publication in upcoming issues of the Southern Illinois University Law Journal.


The Knock and Announce Rule: More Trouble Than Its Worth. Hudson v. Michigan (Ryan Straw)


It's Political, You Can't be Offended! A Discussion of Student Speech Analysis in Guiles ex rel. Guiles v. Marineau (Derek Ruzicka)

Murky Wetlands Protection Following Rapanos v. United States (John Persell)

The Duty Question in Special Relationship Negligence Cases: Preserving the Role of the Jury, Marshall v. Burger King Corp (Craig Runyon)

The Practical Effects of the Ruling in Davis v. Washington (Andrew Fisk)

To Decide or Not to Decide: Is That the Question? Jurisdiction of Immigration Appeals in Kambolli v. Gonzales (Jessica Reese)


Rumsfeld v. Fair: The Military's Message Comes Home (Jessie Mahr)

Determining Who Constitutes an "Employee" Under Title VII After Smith v. Castaways Family Diner (Jeff Wright)

Current issues of the SIU Law Journal are available on reserve in the law library, on LexisNexis (password required), and on Westlaw (password required).

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