Friday, February 09, 2007

The Meaning of Legal Research Terminology

Please excuse our mess

Legal research terms can sometimes be confusing. If you can't remember the difference between a cited case and a citing reference, between primary authority and mandatory authority, or between session laws and a statutory code, check the law library's Glossary of Legal Research Terms or one of the references listed at the bottom of that page, all of which are available in the law library or on the web.

We recently added Elyse H. Fox, The Legal Research Dictionary: From Advance Sheets to Pocket Parts (2d ed., Leg. Info. Serv. 2006) (KF 240 L43 2006).

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KarenR said...

I sent your link to my MLS student staffers, all who are taking legal research. That Elyse Fox book is a terrific tool!