Friday, February 16, 2007

More Good Stuff from Justia logo

I have blogged about Justia before, but not nearly as often as I should have, considering how frequently they release a new free tool for lawyers. Justia is a company that designs and optimizes law firm websites, lawyer blogs, and other online legal marketing. It also has many free information, public-interest, and pro-bono projects, including:

  • Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center, which provides an overview of copyright and fair use, primary and secondary sources, resources for librarians, and information on current issues and pending legislation;
  • Recall Warnings, a collection of over 50,0000 recalls of autos, consumer products, food and drugs from U.S. government agencies;
  • US Supreme Court Center, a searchable and browseable database of all U.S. Supreme Court decisions, with links to secondary sources, online databases, and mp3 audio of Supreme Court oral arguments from;
  • Dog Law, a joint project of Nolo, Justia and Little Sheba the Hug Pug;
  • BlawgSearch and Blawgs.FM, finding tools for law blogs and legal podcasts, respectively; and
  • Legal Marketing Blog, with tips on legal website design, search engine optimization, and marketing for law firms.

This week I learned about the Justia Federal Court Filings Site, which lists new civil case filings in U.S. District Courts with links to Pacer, as well as blog, news, finance, and web searches on the party names. Search new cases by State, Court, Lawsuit Type, or Party name, and subscribe to RSS feeds to track new cases automatically, without having to rerun your search.

Another recent change at Justia is the home page, which has become a portal to legal information. It has articles and other content in a variety of legal practice areas, as well as a directory of links to U.S. state and federal laws, courts, government websites, forms, and more.

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