Thursday, March 29, 2007

Podcasting the Law in Plain English


Nolo is a publisher of law books, legal forms, and legal software for nonlawyers. Although the books are written in plain language, they are thorough enough for a lawyer or law student to use to get a quick overview of an unfamiliar legal topic. The law library has many Nolo books in its self-help collection, which you can borrow with your law library card.

Nolo also provides free information through “Your Legal Companion” pages and Nolo Podcasts, covering a variety of topics in the areas of Business & Human Resources; Patents, Copyright & Art, Wills & Estate Planning; Property & Money; Family Law & Immigration; and Rights & Disputes. Nolo also makes transcripts of its podcasts available.

In the podcasts, authors of Nolo books answer common questions in their areas of expertise. Recent podcasts have included:

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