Friday, April 20, 2007

Listening to Podcasts


I have been listening to quite a few podcasts recently, and I have written about some of them here. One of the reasons that I listen to podcasts is to learn something that I might not otherwise have time to learn. I can listen to a podcast while I am doing something else, such as walking, driving, or working around the house.

Although you can listen to podcasts on your computer, I find that I have to get out of my office and away from my computer, or I will start checking my email or filing papers and get distracted by something that requires more than superficial verbal attention. Most of the podcasts that I listen to are somehow related to law librarianship, which is a wonderfully broad field. Besides podcasts by and about law librarians, there are podcasts about the practice of law, legal issues, news and current awareness, continuing education, legal research, government information, management, and career development.

For a list of podcasts to get you started, see Podcasts and Podcasting for Law Librarians, a column I wrote for the September issue of Law Library Journal.

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