Friday, June 08, 2007

This Week's Featured Book

The Featured Book of the Week is Owning and Managing Forests: A Guide to Legal, Financial, and Practical Matters by Thom J. McEvoy and published by Island Press.

Owning and Managing Forests is both an accessible overview of the privileges, rights, and obligations that accompany forest ownership and a guidebook to help active forest owners and managers use laws to their advantage and avoid the pitfalls of expensive and exhausting litigation... The book also describes the many different facets of trusts, changes in forestland taxation methods, and new licensing and certification options. Included, too, is a section on avoiding disputes and how to use alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid costly, troubling, and time-consuming court battles. Owning and Managing Forests provides clear and concise descriptions of often confusing concepts and difficult subjects, and addresses issues in a competent yet conversational tone. Anyone involved with owning or managing forestland will find the book an essential guide and reference.” - Book Description

Owning and Managing Forests will be available to borrow after Friday, June 15, 2007

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