Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Congratulations, Andrew R. Roszak

gold star

Andrew R. Roszak, J.D. / M.P.A. Candidate - Class of 2008, sent us this good news:

His paper — The Legalities of Legislatively Mandated Automated External Defibrillators in Educational Settings — was selected for presentation at the Education Law and Policy Forum conference in Athens, Georgia in September, and for publication in the third volume of the Education Law and Policy Forum in October.

Congratulations, Andy!


Justin Bathon said...

Congrats Andrew. That is a nice honor and I like what the Education Law and Policy Forum is doing. Also, that is a very nice topic to write a paper on. I hope you seek to get it published in a journal.

Andrew, if you want to pursue the tie between education and law further, I would advise you to consider speaking with Professor Britton on the issue. There are more opportunities that you may consider in the future and an entire field of educational law that Professor Britton can put you in contact with. Also, as an alumni, I would love to help other SIU students get involved in this emerging field of law. Professor Britton can give you my contact information and you can tell him I sent you.

Congrats again and it is good to see people willing to write on issues that tie education and law together.

Justin Bathon - alumni 2005.

Jo said...

I'm interested in reading the paper mentioned as I would like to see defibrillators in public buildings and especially in schools. Where/when would it be available? And congrats to you on this honor and good work.

JoAnn Russell
Washington, DC