Friday, March 04, 2005

Firefox Security Update - Version 1.0.1

Mozilla Foundation released Firefox version 1.0.1 on February 24, 2005, to deal with some security issues in version 1.0. For more information on the fixes, read the announcement and release notes. The release notes also have information on uninstalling, downloading and installing Firefox.

I learned about this security update from the blog. Mr. Kennedy had been unable to get version 1.0 to update with version 1.0.1, so I uninstalled version 1.0 and two previous versions that were still installed on my laptop, then downloaded and installed version 1.0.1. I did not have any problems. At the reference desk, I tried downloading and installing version 1.0.1 without first uninstalling version 1.0, and I did not have any problems.

If you go the uninstall/reinstall route, you may want to export your booksmarks first using Firefox's Bookmark manager.

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