Friday, March 04, 2005

Research Tip: HowStuffWorks

I just love How Stuff Works. At the HowStuffWorks website, you can "Learn How [almost] Everything Works!" The topics are not limited to the "Stuff" you might expect, like Computer Stuff, Auto Stuff, Electronics Stuff and Science Stuff, which are indeed four of the categories you can browse. There is also Home Stuff like "How Home Thermostats Work," Health Stuff like "How Your Immune System Works," Money Stuff like "How Poker Works" and "How Credit Reports Work," Travel Stuff like "How Exchange Rates Work," and People Stuff like " How Lawsuits Work" and "How Tipping Works."

Web researchers may find the following articles in the Computer Stuff category helpful:

Each topical category has subcategories and a browseable category library. You can search the entire site or browse the Table of Contents. There is also has a web sampler labeled Stuffo, a feature called called "Have You Seen This?" with links to news items and other websites, a children's magazine called How Stuff Works Express, a Question of the Day, a Fact of the Day and a Quote of the Day. To subscribe to the RSS feed for HowStuffWorks! articles, go to RSS at HowStuffWorks!

HowStuffWorks is a free website, supported by a number of ads. Between the ads and the graphics, pages sometimes load very slowly. If you prefer faster browsing and no advertising, you can subscribe to an ad-free version for $12 per year.

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