Thursday, March 02, 2006

Congratulations to the Following Students

gold star

The following 2L members of the Southern Illinois University Law Journal had their casenotes chosen for future publication in the Journal.


Collin Richmond, “Promissory Estoppel: Only a Shield, Not a Sword? Analysis of DeWitt v. Fleming.”


Elizabeth Wieneke, “Secured or Unsecured?: Conflicting Requirements of the Notice Filing Systems of the Uniform Commercial Code and the Tax Code Lead Creditors to a False Sense of Security, United States v. Crestmark Bank”

Michelle Sanders, “To Serve and Protect? Supporting Polic Inaction over Domestic Violence Victim Protection in Castle Rock v. Gonzales”

Erin Doyle, “Endangering the Great Divide: Challenges to the Establishment Clause in Van Orden v. Perry”

Stephanie Lindsay, “Dirty Water on a Daily Basis: Friends of the Earth v. Environmental Protection Agency”

Natalie Kussart, “Paid Bills v. Charged Bills: Insurance and the Collateral Source Rule, Arthur v. Catour”


Chris Frericks, “The Need for Speedy Trial Reform in Southern Illinois: People v. Workman”

Dane Kurth, “Corporate Decision-Making and the Lack of Invovlement frm the Board of Directors: In re The Walt Disney Co. Derivative Litigation”

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