Friday, November 24, 2006

Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse

photo of Supreme Court building showing maxim - Equal Justice Under Law

The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse at Washington University Law provides access to documents and information about civil rights cases via its free website. The Clearinghouse focuses on cases seeking change (injunctive relief), rather than cases seeking money damages.

For each category of case, the goal is a close-to-comprehensive catalog of cases in which plaintiffs have been awarded or have negotiated policy or operational change. The categories include:

  • Prison and Jail Conditions,
  • Election/Voting Rights,
  • Juvenile Institutions,
  • Mental Health and Mental Retardation Facilities,
  • Immigration,
  • Nursing Home Conditions,
  • Child Welfare,
  • Police Practices,
  • Public Housing,
  • School Desegregation,
  • and others.

The site currently has at least partial information, including a litigation summary, for 1009 cases; 6088 dockets, complaints, filings, settlements, court orders, and other documents; and citations to 3852 opinions. There are also case studies of individual litigations, written by law students, and other articles.

The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse is searchable by case name; case type, issue, and cause of action; docket number; court or jurisdiction; facility name; or name of attorney, monitor, or judge.

See Margo Schlanger and Denise Lieberman, Using Court Records for Research, Teaching, and Policymaking: The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse, 75 UMKC L. Rev. 153 (2006) for more information about the Clearinghouse.

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