Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Lessons and Game from CALI

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CALI has released many new lessons and a game in the past couple of months. Most of the lessons are about remedies and family-law topics. There is also a lesson in the legal writing category for those of you who are ready to "move beyond the basics" in legal writing.

Punctuation and Grammar: Advanced covers the correct use of colons, hyphens and dashes, passive voice, parallelism, and placement of modifiers. If you are not yet ready for advanced punctuation and grammar, you may want to start with Punctuation and Grammar Basics for Law Students, which "reviews the most common writing errors students make and explains the basic rules that will help you avoid mistakes." Both lessons were written by Wayne Schiess, Director of Legal Writing, University of Texas School of Law.

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The Supreme Court Justice Game has two levels. At the first level, players match the names of the nine Justices to their likenesses in the portrait. At the second level, you must choose which of three short quotations from Supreme Court decisions was not written by each Justice.

Disclosure: As a member of the CALI editorial board, I may be slightly biased. Check out these lessons and the game for yourself; I think you will agree with my recommendation.

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