Friday, April 13, 2007

This Week's Featured Book

The Featured Book of the Week is Vault Guide to Law Firm Pro Bono Programs by Vault Editors and published by Vault, Inc.

“Service to clients who cannot afford legal counsel has always been an ethical imperative of lawyers. During the last few decades, large U.S. law firms collectively have devoted increasing resources to pro bono work, and nearly all have developed their own unique culture of service and methods of administration. This book was developed to provide law students and lawyers with the essential objective information necessary to meaningfully evaluate these firms' pro bono cultures and activities. Through an exciting partnership with New York University School of Law and pro bono coordinators at firms across the country, Vault brings you more than 140 descriptions of the inner workings of these firms' pro bono programs. Addressing such issues as typical pro bono assignments, recent pro bono clients, special training and supervision for pro bono cases, and average number of hours devoted to pro bono work, this guide gives you the real story behind the glossy firm pro bono materials. A must-have for all law students and lawyers who feel a legal career is not complete without giving back to those in need.” - Book Description

Vault Guide to Law Firm Pro Bono Programs will be available to borrow after Friday, April 20, 2007

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