Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Finding Good Blawgs

As the number of blawgs (law-related weblogs) has grown, so has the number of ways to find good blawgs in your areas of interest. Here are some of the sites you can use to discover these helpful tools:

The Blawg Channel is a group weblog or “blog” with contributions from several prominent legal bloggers. Currently you can sample postings from Dennis Kennedy, whose blog focuses on Legal Technology, Technology Law and Other Musings; Ernest Svenson, who blogs as Ernie the Attorney; Marty Schwimmer, who operates The Trademark Blog; and Tom Mighell, who provides Internet Legal Research and other tips at Inter Alia. Other prominent legal bloggers will be added.

The EDDix 50, a list of fifty favorite bLAWgs from EDD Information Exchange. "Your Source for Law & Legal Related Weblogs."

Legal Alerts and Current Awareness Services from The Virtual Chase.

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